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October 20, 2010

Oh bugger. The EU really is daft. According to Point Carbon (subs’n req’d), according to IETA’s Simone Ruiz, the much anticipated negotiations this month are not going to resolve didley.

…disagreements between member states, as well as the time it takes to pass EU law, means many are now resigned to a date of 2012 before the bloc decides to take on a deeper cut.

“There is no chance for a deal in 2011. The institutional process will take longer than that,” said Simone Ruiz of the International Emissions Trading Association (Ieta).

Christian Egenhofer, head of the energy and climate programme at the Centre for European Policy Studies, said that it could even be 2013 before the EU clarifies its 2020 emissions target.

Talks on a new EU budget for 2012 – which might drag on far longer than expected – could also help delay a decision because central and eastern European countries won’t agree a tougher cut until they get more in funding, Egenhofer said.

“These countries will want a lot more in structural funds to finance low carbon development,” he added.

So soft. And its largely a few whinging countries like Italy, Poland, Hungary etc that are blocking it up for everyone. And guess who the next 2 countries are to hold the EU presidency in 2011? Poland and Hungary. At least the Danes will take over in early 2012.

I just hope this failure to move things in Europe doesn’t screw with international negotiations too much. Of course, it does a bit, but I hope progress is made between the US and China and that can help us move forward. 

The only good side of this is that the decision on 2020 now looks like it will be bundled together with a decision about longer term targets to 2050. A report on that is supposed to come out early next year. Although the modelling sounds like it going to be intense!

But apart from that, this thing is so silly because we know that the EU IS going to move to -30% by 2020 or thereabout eventually, but by delaying they’re just upping the cost of getting there.


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