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Who’s Not Peer-Reviewed NOW?

March 4, 2010

More powerful than any lobby group, more trusted than any political ad campaign, claiming the self-appointed role of policeman, judge, jury and hangman – the mass media would have to be the most destructive force in modern democracy.

Often media reporting is destructive just because it is lazy in its fact checking. But much worse is the all too frequent tendancy to provide an insipid drip-drop of systematically biased reporting on a major policy issue. A ridiculous side of the argument then given ‘equal and opposite’ status.

to see what I’m talking about, check out this example of what is probably the most damning pieces of evidence yet against mass media climate deniers, Tim Holmes shows how British journalists James Delingpole and Jonathan Leake, of Telegraph and Times respectively, simply cherry-picked a false “error” in the IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report from a dodgy skeptic blog, and then gave it the status of Times and Telegraph endorsed reporting!

Moreover, in Leake’s case, he was told by scientists that  the claims were not an error before he printed the article

And this is the same Leake, by the way, from which Australian Daily Telegraph climate denier Andrew Bolt gets his “facts”. (Check the links in those two Bolt blog posts and see where they turn up.)

Now who’s referencing dodgy material and smuggling it into the mainstream media to make it look more credible than it should???? And you guys complain when one of 18 000 IPCC references is not peer-reviewed! I’d like to see every one of Andrew Bolt’s and Jonathan Leake’s articles peer-reviewed and see how many come through unscathed!

And if you still need more convincing that Leake  is dodgy (and that his gullible discipline Bolt is, well, a gullible ideologue), then check out Deltoid exposing Leakegate.


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