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Why We Need More Clive Hamiltons

March 4, 2010

Left-wing Australian intellectual Clive Hamilton has an excellent 5-part series of articles fighting back against the disingenuous sceptic campaign here

If you look at the number and nature of comments you’ll see that it’s one of most extraordinary responses the ABC Online ‘The Drum’ site has had for a long time.  Apparently a lot of them are boiling mad sceptics who’ve been sent over by disingenuous climate ideologue Andrew Bolt, who has been sulking about having someone respond so systematically and convincingly to the sceptics. What will become of Bolt’s reputation in 10-20 years, when even sceptics can’t deny global warming and it’s obvious we face calamity for acting too late? The only good part of people like Bolt is that they will be  shamed beyond credibility by history.  

Indeed, being a cherry-picker of information, Bolt seems so unsure of how to respond that he has resorted to the oldest and lamest conservative trick in the book: accusing the ABC of bias . Bof! Like it were a question of giving ‘both sides’ an equal say, and not of  who actually has scientific legitimacy on a major policy issue with major consequences.  Bolt’s just throwing sand in the eyes of the public.

Hamilton is doing great work because he has the rigorousness of a professor, the willingness to get his hands dirty in the politics and he can command a broad popular audience.

Incidentally, for a great example of someone nailing Lord Monckton at a public town hall debate, see Deltoid reporting proudly on his own work.


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