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Obama sums up why the US should pass a carbon price now in two sentences

February 26, 2010

Point Carbon reports that on Wednesday in a speech to the US ‘Business Roundtable’,  which is an association of chief executives of some of the largest American corporations, Obama discussed strategies for job creation and boosting long-term economic growth.

In his audience were CEOs from some major US energy groups such as ExxonMobil, AEP, and ConocoPhillips, which recently dropped out of a cap-and-trade lobby group, called US CAP. As Point Carbon reported it, Obama put it as simply and logically as can be:  

“If we decide now that we’re putting a price on this pollution in a few years, it will give businesses the certainty of knowing they have time to plan and transition,” Obama said.

“This country has to move toward a clean energy economy. That’s where the world is going. And that’s how America will remain competitive and strong in the 21st century.”

If only some well-known Australian journalists could get that point through their muddled heads.

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